Jenn Stone, Criminal Justice Peer Recovery Specialist

Jennifer is a person in long term recovery who wants to reach as many people as possible and share with them any resources available. She has overcome a tremendous amount of obstacles after fighting her way out of years in the criminal justice system and struggling with substance use disorder. At this point she felt that her criminal history would define her future. She began to shift her life towards a more positive direction, working only on her personal and professional growth. Putting her recovery first she gains great fulfillment guiding others through their own personal or criminal obstacles. Jennifer is aware that her path as a young, troubled, girl was statistically unlikely to succeed and is extremely grateful for her second chance at life. Eager to help others and try to make a difference, she is working as a Criminal Justice Recovery Support Coordinator. Having the opportunity to help others that she personally related to is a privilege. She loves the compassion and determination of the SOS staff and management and is looking forward to her future with this organization and working towards her CRSW. It is her hope to help guide others toward the pathway that is best for them. 

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