Josh Colwell, Criminal Justice Peer Recovery Specialist

Josh is a Criminal Justice Peer Recovery Specialist, he is also a person in long term recovery. He came to know recovery by coming through the doors of the Rochester SOS after having first hand experience with the criminal justice system. He is an AmeriCorps Alum for their Recovery Corps program. Josh has also taken multiple trainings about recovery and peer recovery supports. You can find him working with clients in Strafford County Drug Court, or at The Strafford County Superior Court House working with people engaged with Community Corrections and Probation/Parole. If he is not there you can find him in one of the three centers meeting up with people that have involvement with the criminal justice system. He uses his personal experience and training to help others who struggle with Substance Use Disorder. Josh is very active with the recovery community, and when he not helping others he is working on his own personal recovery.

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