Michelle Gagne, MSW, CRSW, Recovery Centers Operations Manager

Michelle Gagne, CRSW, Recovery Michelle Gagne is a second year Master of Social Work student at the University of NH, she serves as the Quality Improvement Coordinator with SOS. She and her husband of 11 years have four children. She became interested in SOS and originally came to us to help as a per diem crisis coach.  She was promoted first to a family recovery support coordinator position on her first day as a per diem.  She completed the Sober Parenting Journey facilitator training.  Michelle was quickly thereafter promoted to Quality Improvement Coordinator.  She has a passion for process improvements and participatory processes that improve operations, programming and outcomes with SOS.  She also will remain involved with family supports and facilitating sober parent journey programs with moms and dads in recovery with children at our centers.Centers Operations Manager

All of our centers are now in Phase II of our reopening plans. Our centers will be open From 9-5 M-f.