Nicole Covey, Criminal Justice Peer Recovery Specialist

Nicole is a person in long term recovery. She is a Mother to 5 children and a Step-Mother to 1. (4 girls and 2 boys) She and her Fiance’ have worked extremely hard to have all 6 children residing in their home, and could not be happier!  After many years of struggling within the Criminal Justice System, her passion is to give strength and empower others in the same predicament that she was once in.  She is currently working towards the completion of her C.R.S.W. training, with hope to continue her education and become a LADC.  She is passionate, hardworking, driven and empathic, which shows in her work. She is working on becoming a Crisis Response Recovery Coordinator on top of her current role at SOS, which is a Criminal Justice Support Coordinator. Nicole works with the NH Department of Corrections, Probation and Parole to reduce the stigma within addiction and past criminal history to help those within the Criminal Justice System gain the confidence to build their own pathway to recovery, whatever that pathway may be. She is big on second chances and believes that everyone, no matter where they are at in their recovery, deserves to find their place within the community. 

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